What is the vacation certificate redeemable for?
Your vacation certificate is redeemable for a reservation form, offering you 3 days & 2 nights hotel accommodations for two adults in one of several exciting destinations. After you receive the reservation form your only cost is just a fee to cover hotel room taxes of $15 per night. Reservations must be taken within one year. Reservations need to be booked at least 60 days in advance. Ages 21 or older. Dates near holidays, weekends and during conventions are usually not available on this special offer. Transportation, meals and room taxes are not included. Not valid for conventions or any group travel. Only one certificate may be used per family, per city in any 12 month period. This information will be on the reservation form when you receive it. Your only cost to redeem the vacation certificate and receive the reservation form is $15.00 for processing, postage and handling.

How can you offer this?
Hotels rarely experience full occupancy except during conventions, major holidays and weekends, so they contract with certain travel promotion companies, like us, to give the rooms away free to get people to come and see what they have to offer. When hotels have empty rooms, they do not make any money, and it's a waste of a good room. Although they have lost the price of the room regardless, they can still let you stay for free in the hopes that you'll stay longer, eat in their restaurants, spend money at their in-house shops and casinos, and take advantage of their amenities (spa, room service, etc.). And when you leave, after having had a great time, they hope that you'll come back to stay with them in the future and maybe even tell a few friends. This builds brand loyalty.

What type of hotel accommodations will I receive on this offer?
We guarantee that you will receive deluxe hotel accommodations in the city of your choice. In Las Vegas, our most popular destination, we have always provided accommodations at major hotel casinos.

Do I get to pick the hotel?
No, but you do get to pick the city and the travel dates. We guarantee that your accommodations will be first class. We have never received a complaint about the hotels since all bookings are done at quality hotels.

How do I redeem my certificate and what happens after I redeem it?
You can redeem your certificate either by mail, fax or online. Simply follow the directions on the certificate or on the website to redeem your certificate. When you redeem your certificate you will select your destination and provide the $15 processing and handling fee. We will then process your certificate and send you your vacation reservation form for the city of your choice, which you will receive in the mail within 7-10 business days. For instance, if you select Las Vegas, you will receive a reservation form for Las Vegas. When you receive the reservation form you simply specify the dates you wish to travel and send it in to the room broker reservation office to have your dates booked. You will then receive a written confirmation letter by mail to confirm your arrival date and hotel accommodations.

Do I have to attend any timeshare sales presentation to receive the vacation offer?

Does this offer include airfare?

Can I redeem more than one 3 day, 2 night vacation certificate?
Yes, you may visit several different cities within a 12-month period, but you cannot visit the same city twice, for free rooms. This is where the room broker earns his money. You will have the opportunity to revisit all cities at a rate less than what the hotels charge, by booking through the room brokers for future visits.

Can I use two vacation certificates back to back for four free nights?
No! Anyone caught using two certificates back to back or in the same city within a 12-month period will have their reservations cancelled.

I can only travel a certain date within 60 days, can I still use this offer?
Not for free rooms. Room brokers get a certain rate for booking rooms this week and another rate when booking rooms 60 days in advance. The reservation form gives you an option where you can book rooms under 60 days at a discount, but not the free offer that people booking 60 days in advance receive.

Can I take children on the vacation?
Yes. Children and/or additional adults are $25 per night extra. When you receive your reservation form you will have the option to include children and/or adults on your vacation.

Can we go with another couple?
These certificates are not good for group travel. Two couples could each individually redeem certificates for the same city and dates, but there is no guarantee that they would end up staying in the same property. You may request it when you make your reservations with the reservations center, but it is not guaranteed.

How long do I have to use the reservation form once I receive it?
1 year from the issue date.

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